Group Study Guide

Group Study Guide Introduction

3 sessions of creative and interactive bible study, conversation starters, reflective experiences, and group building. The Group Study Guide begins with the theme text from Matthew 25 and then builds around other key scripture stories, psalms, and passages relevant to the divine invitation to “See God in Seeing Others.”

Recreation Guide

Recreation Guide Introduction

Let’s Play! This is PACKED full of games, ice breakers, and table activities that you can use around meals, breaks, and to build community. A fully planned theme party plan is included, as well as ideas for decoration, preparation, and supply planning.

Worship and Prayer Guide

Worship and Prayer Guide Introduction

Using the theme of “When Did We See You?” as well as the additional scripture explored in the Group Study Guide, this resource offers you fully developed worship and prayer experiences. Videos of PYT leadership are also available to stream and incorporate into your worship experiences. The worship outlines speak to a variety of learning and listening preferences. They can be easily dropped into slides for projection or copied and pasted into a bulletin, page, or booklet.

Event Planning Guide

Event Planning Guide Introduction

Instructions, ideas and resources to help you plan a fun and faithful event from start to finish! This guide features 7 sample itineraries for different gatherings focused on the theme of “When Did We See You?” using the PYT Connect Resources. Also included are adaptations for intergenerational and young adult participants, tips for everything from registration to hospitality, and much, much more.