Insteadium 2022
Event Location: Calvin Crest Camp, Conference and Retreat Center – Fremont, Nebraska

Camp Calvin Crest (Nebraska) hosted an 18-hour “Insteadium” (instead of Triennium) event Saturday/Sunday August 20-21, 2022. The theme was “When Did We See You…In High School?”, with the central idea being there are needs around us at all times, and no where are we needed more than in the classrooms, hallways and activities of school.

24 high school students and 5 adult leaders attended, and were led by 8 staff volunteers. Activities included team building activities by recreational facilitator Herb Anderson focusing on trust, teamwork and safety. As participants worked through a series of challenges, it was obvious the group was bonding, learning to rely on each other, and focusing on listening to the needs of others. Chris Hansen, a Triennium alumnus and life coach with Leadership Harbor discussed current data indicating the need for young people having access to mental health support systems, especially following the disruption of social activities and the pressure caused by Covid 19 response. He also challenged participants to “daily look deeply into the mirror” to assess their strengths and described ways young people can meet the needs of those around them. Pam Dinneen, a licensed mental health therapist and founder of Lincoln, Nebraska’s Mourning Hope Grief Center shared ways people are faced with situations which cause grief, and outlined strategies for facing those times.

Sara Renner, a professional double-reed instrumentalist and college professor, led music throughout the weekend as a participants transitioned from one activity to another, and provided guitar for the Saturday night campfire which included a devotion led by Dave Friedli based on the PYT worship and small group resources provided by the National leadership. (The sighting of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite was ‘the star in the sky’ that proclaimed something special was happening.) A closing small group and worship again leaned on national resources as well as Max Lucado’s short story, “The Watermaster”, a parable about using the resources and gifts we have to serve others.

Steve and Ali Lynn, directors of Calvin Crest’s summer High School Work Camp, provided leadership and organized a large chalk graphic of all participants’ names and ways they saw themselves reaching out to others. A private Facebook page has been created for those who attended to refer to for information and for participants to share ways they respond to “When Did We See You…?”

Those in attendance gave the event a “5 Star” rating, and enthusiastically support the idea of this being a recurring event leading up to the 2025 Triennium.

For more information, contact:
David Friedli