First Presbyterian Church of Kalamazoo Youth Retreat
Event Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

For the event, we had a weekend at a retreat center where the youth participated in the group activities, games, study and worship. There were outdoor meditative walks to listen for God and indoor time of prayer while the kids chose their own way to pray – in silence, by drawing, writing, coloring…

The continuing element is that the youth were challenged to create their own worship service based on When Did We See You and Matthew 25 that they will use for Youth Sunday in May. We will add one more overnight to complete this worship service as it is meant to be their own view of how the message will be conveyed to the congregation in their own voice.

We opted to use the “When Did We See You?” materials as our basis for our youth programs going forward as there was way too much to get through in a weekend retreat and we didn’t want to miss anything! I have been combining some of the recommended activities with the discussion points simultaneously and it has worked beautifully.