First Spanish Presbyterian Church and El Cordero Presbyterian Church Youth Event
Event Location: Miami, Florida

Our “When Did We See You?” Workshop started at 10:00 am with a breakfast. By 10:30 am we started with the Worship Service Session One provided by PYT Connect resources. At 11:00 am, we took a 15 minute coffee break and re-entered for the main session provided by Rev. Mirielys Negrin. By 12:00 pm we started group activities that finished at 1:00 pm. These group activities resulted in different groups presenting community projects aimed at applying the lessons learned from Matthew 25:36-51. At 2:00 pm the activity was wrapped up with a moment of worship and by sharing a lunch.

Total attendance was 35 participants, between youth and senior partners. 3 projects were consequently developed to reach out to those in need in the community and within our churches. Projects ranging from direct giving of needed articles to the development of stewardship workshops throughout 2023. We want to thank PCUSA and its PYAT Office for their continuous support. Thank you and may God continue blessing your work that has impacted us and moved us to work, in Jesus’s name.