Fire Pit Build
Event Location: Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church – Charlotte, North Carolina

On Saturday, May 13, 2023 students arrived at 9:00 AM to get to work on part two of a two-part fire pit project. As students arrived, we played a variation of the “One of a Kind” activity found in the Recreation Guide. Because we were outside, instead of using cards, students rolled two giant dice and answered questions according to what they rolled.

Once everyone had arrived, we went over the agenda and objectives for the day and prayed. We read Matthew 25: 31-46 and discussed the concept of how God sees our service to those in need as service to him himself. Some students shared a way they serve those around them. Others served ways they may in the future.

Then we went to work. There were many different tasks going on at once. However, work happened in this general order: we mowed the area we were going to be working in, measured and marked a circle around the pit, laid down landscape fabric, re-measured the circle, installed the steel edging, and then moved many many wheelbarrows of gravel.

Once work was completed, we cleaned up tools and revisited our objectives/agenda to mark off completed tasks. We then moved indoors and the students formed a circle and the group did the activity “I See You” found in the Small Group Guide. This activity demonstrates the chain reaction our actions can have and how it is important that we choose to treat others with care and kindness. We debriefed this game by discussing times when we had observed a similar dynamic good or bad as well as the different groups/spaces this is relevant to. After this, we concluded the event with lunch provided by a church member.