First Presbyterian Church of Sanford Youth Event
Event Location: Cherokee, North Carolina

I took a group of four (4) college-age girls and a chaperone to Cherokee, NC to learn more about the Cherokee Nation, their history, their traditions, and how they were treated by the American and British people. We visited several places and attended events, but the most impactful, and the one the girls loved best, was the Oconaluftee Indian Village. It was like stepping back in time as we went from one exhibit to another. We saw how they lived, what they lived in, what they made, what they wore, how and what they hunted, how they made money, how and where they conducted meetings and rituals. It was absolutely fascinating and the girls and adults learned so much. Our Devotional I wrote for the trip was titled “think… like…Jesus,” focusing on “God is with us when we see and care for others” and to accept each other for who we are regardless of our differences.

We also spent time in nature and hiked and climbed waterfalls. I wanted this to be a special time of bonding and having the girls help one another (the waterfall climbs were quite exciting and required teamwork for all of us to make it). I also wanted to appreciate all God has created for us and its beauty. Thank you so much for your grant and making this wonderful time together possible.