Charlottesville Presbyterian Youth Workshop
Event Location: Westminster Presbyterian Church – Charlottesville, Virginia

Last summer, the pastors from three Charlottesville-area churches – Olivet, Westminster, and First – discerned a calling for encouraging connection between our youth groups. Thanks to the generous support of the Office of Presbyterian Youth and Triennium, thirty-five youth from our three churches came together on August 27th for an afternoon of fellowship and Bible study as we explored the theme “When Did We See You?”.

We began our time together with get-to-know-you games and lunch. Using the provided worship guide, Rev. Colleen Earp, the Program Director at Massanetta Springs, a PC(USA) retreat center, led us in our opening worship before youth were divided into small groups. In small groups, we used Session One of the Group Study Guide to explore how God sees us and how we see others. We dived into Psalm 139, creating images and playdough creations to retell the story. Connecting the Psalm to the larger Matthew 25 vision, we wrestled with questions of who we see and who we do not see, whether intentionally or not. Writing our reflections on strips of paper, each group created a paperchain that was later connected to the other groups symbolizing how we are interconnected and need one another.

Coming back together, Rev. Colleen led us in our closing worship and youth took home a goodie bag with Triennium and Massanetta Springs favors.

We hope this is the first of many events together!