2025 Production Team

The next Presbyterian Youth Triennium takes place in July 2025. We will be announcing specific dates and location soon.

We are now accepting applications for the 2025 Presbyterian Youth Triennium Production Team!

Please review the information below and you will find the application button at the bottom of the page.

  • What is the production team & what do they do?

The Presbyterian Youth Triennium Production Team is a group of youth* and adult team members who share a passion for youth ministry. Coordinating with Triennium staff, the production team works to refine the many layers of this large-scale event.

*Youth applicants must be at least entering high school freshmen in Fall 2023 to apply/comply with team requirements.

Please carefully read and consider the Production Team Member Expectations & Requirements and the Production Team Member Time Commitments (below) before applying. Agreeing to these expectations, requirements, and time commitments is vital to the work of the Production Team.

2025 Presbyterian Youth Triennium Production Team Member Time Commitments:

Pre-Meeting Zoom

Production Team Meeting #1 – Winter 2024 – Louisville, KY

Production Team Meeting #2 – Fall 2024 – Zoom Retreat (possibly in person)

Production Team Meeting #3 – Winter 2025 – Louisville, KY

Pre-Event Zoom

PYT Event – mid-late July 2025 – Exact dates & location to be announced soon!

Production Team Meetings are typically Thursday – Sunday.

  • Interested in Applying? Read this critical information first!

You will need to complete the application fully once you start. There is no way to partially complete it and then come back to it later. Prior to starting, please do the following:

  • Youth applicants should discuss this with their parent/guardian before applying. You will need to provide their contact information on the application, and they will receive an email to sign a Parent Acknowledgement Form.
  • Ask/invite 3 references. Applicants may ask, for example, their pastor, youth director, or educator, a co-worker, peer, or supervisor, and a presbytery cohort, teacher, or church member to serve as references. You will need their First Name, Last Name and Email Address. They will receive an email to complete an online reference form.
  • Review the application and make sure that you have all of the necessary information handy before you start. Again, you will need to complete it fully.

You should now be ready to apply!

An application is not considered complete until all 3 reference forms and the parental acknowledgement form (for youth applicants) is received. Applicants will be notified by email once we have received all the required forms and their application is considered complete.

The deadline for all applications, parent acknowledgements, and reference forms is September 30, 2023.

Applicants will be notified of the status of their application mid-October 2023.

If it would be helpful to you, your family, or your references to view a copy of the application in Spanish, please contact Heather.Leoncini@pcusa.org.

After completing your application, you might want to reach back out to your references, so they know to look for the reference form email. You can also point them to the online form here: