How do we do a background check? What are the steps?

  1. Complete your Delegation Information Spreadsheet and send to Molly. First/Last name and email address of Adult Advisor are needed for background check.
  2. Complete and pay for registration online.
  3. Molly will send “heads up” email to registrars that the Adult Advisors in their group will be receiving an email from Praesidium Inc.
  4. Adult Advisors will follow the directions in the email from Praesidium Inc. Adult Advisors will have 14 days to complete this check.
  5. Unless there is a question or a flag with your report, the process will be complete.

Who in my delegation needs to complete a background check?

All participants in your delegation who are registered as Adult Advisors, Caregivers, Adult Global Partners, and Work Crew members require a background check. All PYT staff, leaders, and event volunteers must complete a PYT background check. In addition, any youth participants that will be 18 or older at the time of the event will also need a background check.


Who is responsible for doing the background checks?

The Presbyterian Youth Triennium National Registrar will manage the background checks for all adults traveling with their delegation.  The PYT Volunteer Coordinator will manage background checks for PYT staff/leadership.  The PYT Administrator and PC (USA) Risk Management coordinator will serve as an additional review team.

Do you use a particular company to do background checks?

Yes we do.  Praesidium, Inc. is a highly regarded, well-reputed company that works with a number of national organizations to provide abuse prevention screening and training. Praesidium Inc., has worked extensively with the Presbyterian Youth Triennium and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), to develop comprehensive abuse prevention training, screening and resources.

What are positive criteria for selecting adult advisor’s for my delegation?

  • The potential adult advisor is able to demonstrate mature leadership among young people. She/he is able to act as an adult and is completely comfortable in the role of an adult chaperone/guide.
  • The potential adult advisor has experience chaperoning teenagers and is recommended by her/his congregation and affirmed by the presbytery and/or synod.
  • The potential adult advisor is comfortable with event authority, covenant community guidelines, and is willing to lead the delegation by encouraging the members of the delegation to conduct themselves likewise.
  • The potential adult advisor has a good history of guiding teenagers, providing leadership with teens and adults, and maintaining healthy physical boundaries. She/he is not overly physical with youth, understands issues of power in youth/adult relationships.
  • The potential adult advisor has a background screening report that is approved by the Triennium staff. The Triennium office handles this as part of the registration process.

How recently must the background checks have been completed?

Background check reports must be done in Spring/Summer 2019 before the event and must be completed using the required PRESBYTERIAN YOUTH TRIENNIUM BACKGROUND CHECK PROCESS. There are no exceptions to this policy.  Background checks run outside of the PYT process will not be accepted and registration could be put on hold if a background report is not completed using the required process.

Who will see the information in the background check reports once they reach the Triennium office?

Once the background check reports are completed they are immediately relayed to the Triennium registrar.

They are kept in a secure location and held in confidence. Only the National Registrar, the event administrator, and the legal team for each denomination have access to the background checks.

If there is a situation during the event that requires a report to be checked, it will only be viewed by one of these three people. If follow-up action is necessary (i.e. litigation, investigation) the report would be subject to viewing by attorneys from the respective denomination.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

Please contact our National Registrar, Molly Atkinson, with your questions and concerns about completing the background checks. Here is her contact information:

Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: 1-800-728-7228 x5208 or 502-569-5208

If you are a PYT leader, event volunteer (meaning you are a member of the PYT staff) or Production Team member your background check will be managed by Volunteer Coordinator, Heather Leoncini.  You can contact Heather at:

Email:  [email protected]

Office Phone:  1-800-728-7228 x 5460

If you are having technical issues with the actual background check, please contact Praesidium Customer Support at: 817-801-7773

Any adult who does not have a completed and approved PYT Background Check will not be permitted to enter the event. All adult participant’s registration will be reviewed in a “Final Registration Review” to confirm that a screening was completed.