The Care Team relates to the Community Life Ministry Team of the Triennium Production Team. It is supervised by a volunteer coordinator. Care Team members are each provided a set of T-shirts so that they can be easily identified at the events (and so that you will not have to do laundry).

The PYT will cover the bulk of your event-related expenses (food, travel, lodging). We ask all volunteer leaders to contribute $100 toward their expenses. Paying for registration and travel for the event will be a challenge for many of our youth participants, their families, and congregations. Your contribution of $100 will signal your personal commitment to the event as you support our efforts to help reduce costs for all participants.



  • To provide emotional and physical support for registered participants at all scheduled Triennium events (such as recreation, worship, free time, and others).
  • To serve as liaisons between the housing staff and Community Life team during scheduled events, offering assistance to participants in times of medical, spiritual, or logistical need.



  • To be a hopeful, visible presence to whom participants may turn for support or care.
  • To be able physically to walk—a lot! Care Team members may travel from 8-10 miles per day over the large Purdue University campus. You will get your steps in! Drink water!
  • Participate in pre-Triennium orientation meeting alongside other Community Life volunteers: RHCs, Care Team, and Conference Pastors.
  • To identify and direct ill or injured participants to EMTs, housing staff, adult advisors and/or hospitals.
  • To be present at all “large events” looking for young people in need of physical, medical, or emotional care.
  • To meet daily with Care Team coordinators to go over each day’s schedule, review events, and maintain critical incident logs.
  • Assist Residence Hall staff with welcoming and greeting participants on opening day.
  • Work closely with the onsite EMTs.



  • Always a positive, hopeful presence;
  • Flexible and able to respond to changing circumstances;
  • Able to offer a calm and nurturing presence when others are anxious;
  • Respectful of young people, their growing maturity and needs for dignity;
  • One who holds a healthy perspective and is able to distinguish “annoyances” from “problems;”
  • Able to tend her/his needs for rest, prayer, nutrition, and quiet, while remaining available to respond to emergent needs and working into some late nights.
Again, being part of the Care Team requires a lot of walking, just as is required of all Triennium participants. You will want to pack your comfiest shoes and maybe some thick socks!