Community Life Team

The Mission of the Community Life Team at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium is to cultivate an environment where all are:

Physically safe;
Emotionally supported;
and Spiritually fed & challenged.

Two Ways to be a Community Life Volunteer at Triennium!

Providing a safe and hospitable environment at an event as large as the Presbyterian Youth Triennium requires many volunteers. The Community Life Team is seeking volunteers to serve in two distinct roles.

Way 1: Become a Member of the CARE TEAM

The Care Team is a group of volunteers who are committed to providing emotional and physical support for participants at large group Triennium events. They are a visible and hopeful presence to whom participants may turn for support when they need directions, feel lonely, or are experiencing an illness or injury. Care Team members are provided brightly colored t-shirts that make them easy to find in a crowd!

Care Team members are. . . .

    • Flexible, adaptive, and responsive to changing circumstances.
    • Able to offer a calm and nurturing presence when others are anxious.
    • Respectful of young people, their growing maturity and needs for dignity.
    • Approachable, one to whom participants feel comfortable disclosing their needs.
    • Compassionate and empathetic.
    • Calm and patient, but action-oriented.
    • Assertive in situations that demand it (e.g., emergencies).
    • Able to tend their own needs for rest, prayer, nutrition, and quiet, while remaining available to respond to emergent needs, perhaps working into some late nights.
    • Able to tolerate a lot of walking!
    • Able to maintain a sense of humor and have fun!

Way 2: Become a Member of the HOTEL TEAM

The Hotel Team is a group of volunteers who are committed to providing emotional and physical support for participants and their Adult Advisors in the hotels where they are lodged. They are a resource when Adult Advisors need assistance in responding to concerns for illness or safety. They will contact Conference Pastors when there is a need for ministry.  They will be helpful liaisons with the hotel’s staff.

Hotel Team members are . . . .

    • Those to whom adult advisors turn with questions about medical assistance or missing youth.
    • Able to rouse in the wee hours and be effective.
    • Good communicators even when things are tense.
    • Aware of the PYT’s expectations for behavior and able to offer correction in ways that are both pastoral and direct.
    • A calm and listening presence
    • Able to follow a protocol in a calm way should medical or security issues arise.
    • Hopeful, approachable, compassionate, and resourceful.
    • Patient but action-oriented and able to be assertive.
    • Protective of the dignity of all people
    • Able to maintain a sense of humor and have fun! 

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS in place through a Covid Response Advisory Team

COVID-19 protocols coming soon!

Quiet Quarters: A safe space to decompress and destress

Recognizing that this will likely be the largest gathering most of our youth will attend since the start of a Global Pandemic, we are offering a low-sensory, safe, and quiet space to decompress and destress. Triennium can be overwhelming, and while the experience is balanced with a meditative Spirituality Center, this room will be open for those overwhelmed during large group events like worship, recreation, and/or Lens Labs to find some peace and calm.

Conference Pastors and Conference Counselors

Conference Pastors will be available to provide pastoral and spiritual care to participants throughout Triennium.

For the first time in Triennium history, Conference Counselors, who are licensed, professional therapists, will be available for those who need someone to speak with as we dive deep into difficult subjects and navigate a large youth conference since the start of a global pandemic.

Coming Soon:
Adult Advisor Guide