Conference Dean Description

Conference Deans are an integral part of the Presbyterian Youth Triennium leadership with major responsibilities for facilitating the development of a positive, hopeful Community Life. Conference Deans offer support and supervision to Residence Hall Coordinators.

The PYT will cover the bulk of your event-related expenses (food, travel, lodging). We ask all volunteer leaders to contribute $100 toward their expenses. Paying for registration and travel for the event will be a challenge for many of our youth participants, their families, and congregations. Your contribution of $100 will signal your personal commitment to the event as you support our efforts to help reduce costs for all participants.



  • To help all Presbyterian Youth Triennium participants experience the event as one that is meaningful, educational, and fun even as they adhere to the Covenant and guidelines for Community Life.
  • To provide support, encouragement and nurture to Residence Hall Coordinators (RHCs).
  • To be the liaison between RHCs and Purdue University security, medical, and housing staff, the Purdue police and medical staff, and the 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium Community Life Team.



  • Assist the Community Life Team in facilitating the partnership with adult volunteers who serve as RHCs.
  • Participate in pre-Triennium orientation meeting alongside other Community Life volunteers: RHCs, Care Team, and Conference Pastors.
  • Be a liaison with Purdue Housing Staff working in your residence hall, meeting each day and communicating problems or needs.
  • Along with your RHCs, assist in registering delegations as they arrive and helping them feel welcome and at home.
  • Lead orientation in your assigned residence hall on opening night for Adult Advisors who travel with delegations to Triennium.
  • Meet regularly with RHCs to be supportive of one another; share joys, concerns, questions and frustrations.
  • Make regular rounds at assigned Residence Halls to review incident log entries and check in with RHCs, Purdue Residence Hall staff and adult advisors as needed.
  • Serve as communication link for RHCs and Purdue University Staff (housing, conference, security, and medical), Purdue Police and medical personnel, and the Community Life Team.
  • Be available to RHCs, Purdue University staff, local police and medical personnel, Community Life Team members, and denominational staff as needed.
  • Serve alongside RHCs when pastoral care/crisis management is needed.
  • Maintain good health and sense of humor in both word and deed.
  • Be flexible, willing to cooperate and open to suggestions.
  • Pray for the Triennium, all participants and your servant leadership.