Community Life

Gathering some 4000 strangers in an unfamiliar place and helping them quickly form a community of respect, safety, and welcome is no simple task! And yet the Community Life Ministry Team for the 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium is charged to do just that.

Volunteers for the Community Life Team have a variety of roles to play in creating an environment that helps young people and their adult advisors explore what it means to answer God’s call to go into the world as followers of Jesus Christ.

The Community Life Team is seeking volunteers who can commit themselves to serving at the Triennium in the following ways:

Conference Dean
A Conference Dean assumes major responsibility for overseeing the welfare and safety of the young people and adult advisors who live in a Purdue University residence hall. The Conference Dean oversees and works alongside two or more Residence Hall Coordinators. Together, these housing volunteers respond to any needs that may arise in housing over the course of the event. Depending on the number of residence halls we utilize, we expect to need 10-12 Conference Deans for the 2016 PYT. You can find a complete description of Conference Dean responsibilities here.

Residence Hall Coordinator
A Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC) lives in a Purdue University residence hall and is often the first person to whom participants turn for help. Working alongside a Conference Dean, the RHC assumes major responsibility for maintaining a positive and healthy environment in the residence hall, assuring the welcome and safety of all. Like the Conference Dean, the RHC is able to respond with grace to situations as they arise, remaining a calm and reassuring presence in times of stress. We expect to need 24-30 Residence Hall Coordinators for the event. You can find a complete description of Residence Hall Coordinator responsibilities here.

Care Team
A Care Team member is a friendly, welcoming presence at all scheduled Triennium events (such as recreation, worship, free time, and others). Wearing distinctive orange tee shirts, a Care Team member is easily spotted by young people needing help. The Care Team member may be called upon to help ill or injured participants locate the EMTs or to be in touch with their adult advisors. For a young person who feels lost or lonely in the middle of the mob, the sight of that blaze orange t-shirt will be a sign of welcome and hope. We expect to need 15-20 people to serve as members of the Care Team. You can find a complete description of Care Team responsibilities here.