Size, Transportation, Funding

  • There are no limits on the size of delegations. There is a limit on the overall PYT registration.  So, registration is really “first register, first confirmed.”  As a registrar you want to determine and lead a process that helps you FINALIZE your delegation early. Some registrars base their delegation size on the kind of transportation they will take to Purdue.  Some registrars base their delegation size on giving every church in their presbytery an appropriate number of slots per church so that there is broad representation.  Some registrars base their delegation on the final number they recruit by the estimate date.  Others base their delegation on the confirmed interest of any young person who wishes to attend (of eligible age).  It’s up to you and your presbytery or church.  We suggest you begin with the size of your delegation from 2016 and increase by a reasonable and realistic number.
  • Some presbyteries cover the cost of the transportation – the bus, plane tickets, train tickets, van rentals and gas. Some presbyteries set a per participant transportation “fee”.   Church delegations will often do the same.  This will need to be determined in order to set your budget.  For example:  if you want to travel by a chartered bus.  Determine the number of seats on the bus, how many riders you will have, then calculate the cost per person (round trip) and any additional bus fees, and determine the per person rate.  Most presbyteries or churches cover all or part of the cost and then determine the remaining balance for participant payment.
  • We recommend the 1/3 plan for funding PYT: 1/3 is covered by the individual, 1/3 is covered by the church, 1/3 is covered by the presbytery or synod.  Obviously, this depends on if these entities have funding to offer.  Some PYT delegations simply fundraise for the total cost of their delegation.
  • Ask your Presbytery, Church or Synod to put the Triennium in their budget as soon as possible to ensure some money!
  • Receiving the PENTECOST OFFERING! 40% of the money you collect remains with you!  This 40% is often used to help support youth attending the Triennium!

Participant Roles

  • Youth (entering freshmen through graduated seniors in high school). Active in a PC(USA) or Cumberland Presbyterian church.  Youth participants need only be active not baptized or a member of a Presbyterian church.
  • Adult Advisor (adults age 21 and over who serve as chaperones of the delegation). Approved adult advisors must have a completed and approved Background Screening (managed by the PYT national office) in order to accompany a delegation and step foot onto the Purdue campus.
  • Workcrew (College age young adults who serve as PYT staff behind the scenes; Workcrew travel to and from with a delegation but are housed separately, with other workcrew members and workcrew coordinators). Workcrew register as Workcrew at the same fee as Adult Advisors.  Workcrew are housed in Deluxe Adult Residence Hall Housing.
  • Global Partners (Youth and young adults from partner churches and ministries who are invited, hosted and sponsored by PC(USA) OR CPC delegations). Global Partners can also attend the event “on their own” (meaning they are not registered with a delegation) permitted they are from an official partner ministry from one of the two sponsoring denominations AND that they manage their registration through the national PYT office.  Global Partners are housed with their sponsoring delegation OR in Deluxe Adult Residence Hall Housing (if they are not a part of a delegation).
  • Caregivers (Adult participants who serve as a medical or comfort aid to registered participants).
  • Observers (Adult participants from presbyteries, denominational agencies/programs or other related denominational organizations who wish to be present at PYT). Observers must register (Adult Advisor Fee) and have a completed and approved background check.  Observers should plan to contact the National Registrar if they plan to attend.  Observers are housed in Deluxe Adult Residence Hall Housing.


  • There are a variety of tools you can use to promote the Triennium in your presbytery or church. All the 2019 artwork is available online on the Triennium website.  You are welcome and encouraged to use the artwork to create fliers, brochures, posters.  A professionally designed flier called “PYT Info Sheet” is available online.  The PYT Info Sheet contains the basic PYT promotional information.  You can download, print, copy and hand out.  We recommend you purchase a copy of the 2016 PYT Highlights DVD to share with your presbytery or church. This is available here.
  • We have a limited number of PYT 2019 Postcards that are also able to share with registrars. These will “go” early so let us know soon if you would like for us to send you a batch.

Travel Pool, Mode of Transportation, Bus Companies, Parking

  • There are some very modest funds available for delegations traveling a long distance (over 10 hours driving). These come from the national PYT office and will be communicated to the appropriate presbyteries in Fall 2018. These are small travel grants and in order to receive them you must submit an application and supporting required documents.
  • Folks get to Triennium by plane, train, auto/van. If you are flying we recommend that you fly into the Indianapolis International Airport.  You can arrange shuttles/rides to the Purdue Campus through several airport/campus transportation companies. If you are traveling to Purdue by bus you will need to locate a reputable bus company and make arrangements with them.  Your bus driver will take you to the front entrance of your assigned residence hall.  Sometimes bus drivers will stay in a hotel in the nearby area – and then will bus your group back home.  Your bus company can help you understand how that works.
  • Keep in mind … you will not know your Purdue Residence Hall assignment until VERY close to the opening of Triennium. Just let your bus company know that as soon as you have your housing assignment, you can give the company and/or driver the exact address of your residence hall.  A list of the Residence Halls and their addresses will be posted online in Fall 2018.  If the company requires an address immediately we suggest you give them the address for the PMU (Purdue Memorial Union).  Be sure to update that address once you have your housing confirmation email in hand.
  • Parking is available in certain lots on the Purdue campus. These will be indicated by signage.

Triennium Traditions and Tips

  • Trading pins! Triennium youth love to trade small pins.  Many delegations will bring pins from sites or famous industries in their region.  Many use online graphic services to make their own pins.  Some even make their own pins.  Pins are not expensive.  You can buy thousands for a small price.
  • T-shirts. Every participant will receive a conference t-shirt.  Many delegations like to wear a special and unique delegation t-shirt.  This is a fun way to build community and a spirit of pre-event energy with your delegation.  Have a t-shirt design contest.  Again, there are lots of online graphic services you can use to design, print and ship your t-shirts.  Bring extras to share with others!
  • Air Conditioning and the lack thereof … while many of the residence halls are air conditioned not all are. We are not able to guarantee AC housing for any delegation.  The only exception is if there is an applied/documented and MD reviewed medical need for a participant.  We do keep a very strict and clear record of the order in which we receive registrations and try to base housing assignments on this record. However, with revised registrations, changes, abuse prevention policy rules/placements – the formula for housing assignments is extremely complex.
  • We encourage every person who attends PYT to bring a fan. There are lots of small and powerful models that fit into a duffel bag or a suitcase.  Even if you have AC you will be glad to have a fan.
  • We do own a small inventory of box fans and are glad to share with long distance delegations who must fly to the event. You can ship your fan from West Lafayette (you do the shipping and paying).



There are several required forms; some for participants, some for registrars.  All are or will be available online.  For complete registration information, including all required steps & forms, please visit the “Registration and Delegation Overview” page by clicking “HERE

Pre-Event Fun

It is important to begin building community and relationships among your PYT delegation before they depart for Purdue.  We encourage you to do the following things:


  • If you are geographically close, think about holding a pre-event gathering. Play games, watch the Highlights DVD together, learn names, fill out forms, and get to know your group.
  • Host a parent/guardian meeting and complete the Parental/Medical Release Form at the meeting. This will help you avoid chasing down forms (or at least avoid chasing down the signers) later.
  • Create a delegation FACEBOOK page!
  • “LIKE” the Presbyterian Youth Triennium Facebook page. This is a great, easy, general place to build enthusiasm for your group.
  • Design your delegation’s commissioning service with your delegation.
  • Determine fun roles among your delegation members: Photographer, Scrap Booker, Blogger, Team Builder, Pastoral Care, Prayer Leaders, Communicators, etc…
  • Skype with your Global Partner if your delegation is hosting a Global Partner.
  • Prepare a Global Partner Welcome event if your delegation is hosting a Global Partner. A fun dinner, orientation, etc.
  • Make sure everyone in your delegation understands the overall Triennium schedule, theme, and community covenant guidelines and has general questions answered.
  • Review the Purdue University map. Find your residence hall. Locate where major PYT events will occur.