Friday morning, July 22nd from 9:00am – 10:00am

Locations listed after each Go To group description below. See the Purdue map in your pocket schedule or packet for room
and activity locations!

GO into the world with some great information and conversation! Go To Groups are one hour, informal presentations
and discussions about a variety of Presbyterian mission opportunities. Go To Groups are optional and are “walk in”
oriented (no registration or pre-registration needed).

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Title: Environmental Racism and Justice, 101
Sponsor: Presbyterian Hunger Program PC(U.S.A.)
Leader: Becca Barnes and Jennifer Evans
Description: Through games, stories, and small groups, we’ll explore historic and modern-day examples of environmental racism and talk about what true environmental justice—for all people and all the earth—can be.
Location: CL 50 121

Title: Excellent Curriculum Ideas for Your Congregation’s Journey
Sponsor: Congregational Ministries Publishing PC(U.S.A.)
Leader: Malinda Spencer
Description: This Go To Group will focus on PCUSA curricula, primarily for children and adults, with a brief mention of youth
curriculum. Growing in Grace and Gratitude, Being Reformed, Engage, The Present Word, and Feasting on the Word will be presented,
along with ideas for implementation. There will be opportunity for questions and networking.
Location: ARMS BO71

Title: Peace at All Times in All Ways
Sponsor: Presbyterian Peacemaking Program PC(U.S.A.)
Leader: Sarah Craven, Bev Richardson and Bill Stanley
Description: There are plenty of times and ways that we need to be engaging in peace in our families, neighborhoods, schools, communities, nation and world. From unending war to persistent bullying, random violence to structural racism, our world and our lives need peace. Stop by and join in the discussion of the ways and times we can engage in peacemaking as followers of the Prince of Peace.
Location: CL 50 129

Title: Ruling Elders – Young People Called To Serve
Sponsor: Office of General Assembly, PC(U.S.A.)
Leader: Martha Miller
Description: Have you answered the call to serve as a PC(USA) ruling elder? Come and spend some time sharing your experiences
and joining with other young elders exploring this amazing call to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the church. You have a lot
to contribute and we want to support you in this part of your journey.
Location: EE 224

Title: Young Adult Volunteers- Exploring Faith in Responsible Action
Sponsor: Young Adult Volunteer Office, PC(USA)
Leader: Blake Collins
Description: The Young Adult Volunteer program is a one-year service opportunity for young adults ages 19 to 30. YAVs live in
intentional Christian community, deepening and developing their faith while serving alongside partners in sites across the United States
and around the world. YAVs serve for one year exploring God’s call in their lives. Please join us to Skype with currently serving YAVs in
the U.S., Korea and Peru and hear more about this transformational year of service
Location: EE 226

Title: Generous Generations – Giving to Inspire and Sustain Mission
Sponsor: Special Office Ministries, PC(USA)
Leader: Bryce Wiebe
Description: Come speak with Bryce Wiebe, Director of Special Offerings for the PC(USA), about how you can get involved with the ministries supported by Special Offerings.
Location: EE 234

Title: Disaster Assistance: Be Part of the Solution!
Sponsor: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, PC(USA)
Leader: Beth Snyder
Description: Because we believe that God calls all people, including youth, to respond to disaster as a witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; we prepare youth and leaders for ministry in disaster situations.
Location: EE 236

Title: New Church, New Way
Sponsor: 1001 New Worshiping Communities, PC(U.S.A.)
Leader: Vera White
Description: No walls, no roof – the sky’s the limit! New communities of faith are springing up all around the country without buildings or program but with a passion for building relationships with unchurched people. In this presentation you will hear stories about new worshiping communities and their impact on young adults as you begin to explore what you can do in your own neighborhood.
Location: GRIS 102

Title: UKirk Collegiate Ministries
Sponsor: Youth, Young Adult, Collegiate Ministries, PC(U.S.A.)
Leader: Jason Brian Santos and Company
Description: There is no question that navigating a spiritual life during your college years is challenging. Getting involved with a college ministry is one of the primary ways you can make sure faith is a central part of your education and experience during those formative years. That’s why UKirk (which means “University Church”) was started… to help you! In a nutshell, UKirk is the PC(USA)’s collegiate ministry network, which is comprised of hundreds of campus ministries across the nation. Come, listen, ask questions, and learn about how you can get involved with UKirk as you transition to college.
(Although all are welcome, this Go To Group is aimed at Juniors, Seniors and recent graduates)
Location: GRIS 118

Title: Kaleo: Responding To The Call
Sponsor: Discipleship Ministry Team, Pastoral Development Ministry Team of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and Memphis Theological Seminary
Leader: Nathan Wheeler, Chuck Brown and Joanna Wilkinson
Description: Kaleo will seek to help youth ages 16-19 discern and discover their specific call by God and how they can live it out in the real world. Kaleo will consist of a year-long mentoring process that includes regular meetings with a mentor, a five day immersion experience meeting on the campus of Memphis Theological Seminary, exploring the city of Memphis, TN, and a project designed and implemented by the participant based around responding to his or her call.
Location: Arms 101

Title: Unification – Being Whole
Sponsor: Unification Task Force of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church (CPC) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America (CPCA)
Leader: Pam Phillips-Burk
Description: The Unification process between CPC and CPCA has been a vision/hope/dream for both denominations since 1883. There are currently two denominations based primarily upon race – one African-American and the other primarily white. Both denominations share a common Confession of Faith and church government. There are many issues surrounding the conversation of unification, but both churches are learning that they are more alike than different, and that there is more that can unite us than divided us. In the most recent General Assembly of the CPC, a resolution of “Repentance, Apology and Resolve” was passed asking all CPCs to enter into a time of lament for the racial sins of the past, confession of those sins, and to seek repentance. The time is now to become a whole people of God.
Location: ARMS 1103

Title: G(RACE) Under Pressure
Description: Growing the gift of seeing race, naming the wrongs of racism and speaking/being love in a death-dealing, hurting and harming world.  Examining the lies of stories we unconsciously live by, we will explore practices so you can act differently, influence your circles, and be an anti-racist agent of transformation when racial injustice is happening.
Location: WTHR 172