Individual Participants:

  • Shoes – for long distance walking; comfortable, broken in shoes (athletic shoes, sport sandals, comfort sandals, etc.). Shower shoes.
  • Cool and comfortable clothing. T-shirts, shorts, light weight pants/shorts. Wicking t-shirts and shorts.  Underwear, pajamas, socks.  *PYT participants are asked to dress modestly and respectfully.  Offensive, cruel, openly antagonistic shirts/buttons/hats are not allowed.
  • Lightweight jacket and/or sweatshirt/or windbreaker/ or rain jacket / or rain poncho.
  • Toiletries (soap, deodorant, hair care, personal products).
  • Prescriptions, medications and health supplements/vitamins specific to YOU. *Note: It is a good idea to pack an extra day or two of your prescribed medications in case of travel issues/troubles.
  • Personal cell phone and charger. *Note: It is a good idea to program your adult advisors and your roommate into your phone.
  • Your Bible OR a Bible on the phone app.
  • Notebook/notepad/pens.
  • Backpack, messenger bag, tote bag, sling daypack.
  • Your wallet with Driver’s license or alternate photo ID (School ID, Passport, etc.)
  • Your flight itinerary and record locator if you are flying.
  • Your medical insurance card and prescription card OR a photocopy of each if you have these.
  • IF you can fit it or lug it along – a pillow you like and a throw blanket and a large towel *Note: Linens are provided but past participants always recommend you bring a few linens along if these help you sleep better / feel better.
  • A small fan (small but mighty).
  • An empty water bottle. *Note: These are not allowed in dining halls, but there are filling stations around campus.
  • Blister blocker band-aids / bandages.
  • A bandana or cooling scarf/towel.
  • $$ money for the PYT Offering on Wednesday, July 17th. An invitation to consider giving $10 to the offering going to the Presbyterian Camp in Puerto Rico, El Guacio, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Maria.
  • Pocket change (preferably .25 / quarters for Prayer Well for Sacred Sparks Laundry Ministry – located in the exhibit hall.
  • For the Festival of Hearts Event on Friday night please wear your PYT conference t-shirt (available for pick up Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Stewart Center East Foyer) and anything fun HEART related accessories or clothing.
  • $$ money for food trucks and concessions available during the Friday night party.
  • $$ for snacks, drinks, souvenirs, books and emergencies.


We would like for each DELEGATION (NOT per person) to bring the following items with you and deposit them in your DORM LOBBY on opening day.  These will be collected and donated as a part of the Wednesday evening Recreation/Mission event.

First Aid Kit Items

  • 2 boxes of Band-aids (variety pack)
  • 5-10 Gauze Rolls (small ones)
  • 2 boxes of 20 or 25 Single Use Packets – Antibiotic Ointment / Cream (example: Neosporin)
  • Sterile Gauze Pads (one box of 2×2 and one box of 4×4)
  • 5-10 Lip Balms
  • 5-10 Nail Clippers