Participant Information

You are interested in attending the 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium! GREAT! We hope to see you there in July 2016.

Triennium participants are:

  • Youth: High school age youth active in a PC(USA) or Cumberland Presbyterian church/ High school age youth entering freshmen through graduated seniors.
  • Volunteer adult advisors (chaperones) selected by the Delegation Registrar/ Adult advisors – adults 21 years and older.
  • College Age participants (Known as Workcrew) who desire to attend the event and serve behind the scenes; who register with and travel with a Delegation.
  • Leaders: youth, young adults and adults who have a specific role at the Triennium (Production Team, Speaker, Small Group Leaders)
  • Global Partners: youth and young adults from international partner / Reformed churches across the globe.
  • Exhibitors: ministries seeking to connect with young Presbyterians

How do you get to be a participant?

  • Youth, Adult and Workcrew particpants are selected to be a part of a DELEGATION. A delegation is a group coming from a presbytery or a church. Every Delegation has a REGISTRAR. REGISTRARS are appointed by a presbytery or church.
  • Leaders are invited by the Production Team and Coordinating Team.
  • Global Partners are invited by a Delegation.
  • Exhibitors come from the sponsoring denominations.

Information about Workcrew, Global Partners, Exhibitors and Volunteer Leader positions will be available in Fall 2015.