Global Partners

Global Partners are youth from Cumberland Presbyterian and PCUSA partner churches around

the world and are hosted by presbyteries and church delegations throughout the US. Though the event is for high school age students, global partners tend to be a little older ranging from 18-25. We ask that the global partner speak, read and write English in order to fully participate in the PYT experience, but we can provide translation in some cases. It is also helpful for youth to travel together, and we suggest that if you decide to host that you consider hosting two youth from the same church partner. This allows the young people to feel more comfortable traveling to the US, many of whom are traveling for the first time, and allows for the global partners to have someone from their own culture to relate with. Global Partners bring with them a global perspective and experience that truly enriches the lives of all they come into contact with. Should you have any questions about hosting please contact Jean Buckley, Global Partner Coordinator.

Registration for Global Partners

If your presbytery or congregation is hosting a Global Partner, they should be registered as a part of your delegation.   Once you have identified a Global Partner, please have him/her fill out the Global Partner Information Form and return the completed form to Jean Buckley. Should you have any questions about registering your global partner please contact Jean Buckley.

Travel Information for Global Partners

Arranging travel for international visitors to the US can present quite a challenge. We suggest that you work with a travel agent to make travel accommodations for Global Partners.   All visitors to the US will need to have a valid passport in order to enter the United States. Likewise, some Global Partners will also need to obtain a valid visa. While there are some countries where a visa is not required, most will need to apply for a visa in their country of nationality. Please visit for visa information.   Visas are time sensitive and allow the traveler to enter the States for a specific period of time. It may be a long process to obtain a visa, sometimes up to 3 months, and could require several interviews in order to be approved for travel. It is imperative that you make certain that your Global Partner applies for his or her visa well in advance of travel to PYT.

When applying for a visa, Global Partners will need a letter of invitation/intent. Please contact Jean Buckley in order to obtain a letter of invitation/intent.

Should you have questions about travel related documents or need assistance locating a travel agent, please contact Jean Buckley.

Host FAQ

1. Who do I contact if interested in becoming a host for a Global Partner?

Please contact the Global Partner Coordinator (Jean Buckley) with any questions you have about hosting a Global Partner.

2. What does being a host entail?

Hosting simply means that you are agreeing to provide necessary accommodations for a global partner for the duration of his/her stay in the United States including: food, lodging, transportation, etc.

3. How long does a Global Partner need hosting?

Typically, Global Partners are in the US for 2-4 weeks. Sometimes the visit is as short as coming in a couple days before your delegation leaves for Triennium. Other hosts will bring in their Global Partner for a longer period of time either before or after (or both) the Triennium so that they might itinerate in the local presbytery or community. It is completely up to the host.

4. What is the cost of hosting?

Registration for PYT 2016 is $505. The price of airfare varies depending on the country but generally ranges from $800-2000. Should your Presbytery invite the global partner to itinerate around the Presbytery that would incur additional travel and meals costs. Often, when a church or presbytery delegation decides to host a Global Partner as a part of their Triennium participation they will often budget for the Global Partner by not filling 1-2 of the usual “local” spots in their delegation total. It is a commitment to sharing ministry with a young person outside of the local or regional area but excitingly, within the larger reach of the church!

5. How do I register my GP?

Your GP should be registered along with the other members of your presbytery/congregation delegation. All payments for registered participants (global or domestic) must be made before the start of the event or a registration is not completely valid. Please contact the Global Partner Coordinator (Jean Buckley) if you have questions.

6. What if my Presbytery is willing to host but has questions about doing so?

Wonderful, please have your Presbytery contact the Global Partner Coordinator (Jean Buckley).

7. What if my Presbytery cannot host?

Maybe your congregation or other congregations in your area would be willing to assist you with hosting a Global Partner. Please contact the Global Partner Coordinator (Jean Buckley) should you like to discuss other options for hosting.

8. How do I pay registration for a Global Partner?

Your presbytery/congregation will register all global partners as part of your delegation and will pay registration fees as all other registrations of the delegation are paid. Please contact Jean Buckley if you need assistance.

9. What do I need to communicate to a Global Partner?

Initially, you will need to communicate the importance of them obtaining the necessary travel documents. Being there to answer any questions they may have is the most important. Please share the Global Partner Information Form with your Global Partner and return the completed form to the Global Partner Coordinator as soon as possible.

10. How do I arrange travel for my GP?

You will need to contact a travel agent to assist you with making travel arrangements for international travel. Should you need assistance locating a reputable agent, please contact the Global Partner Coordinator (Jean Buckley)

11. Who can help with travel related questions?

The Global Partner Coordinator is available to assist you with your travel related questions as well as the travel agent you are using.

12. Will my GP need a passport and visa to travel to the US?

YES. All international travelers will need a valid passport to travel to the United States. Most will need visas, however, there is a list of countries that participate in a US visa waiver program. A list of these countries is available here: If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Global Partner Coordinator (Jean Buckley).

13. How long does the visa process take?

Obtaining a visa and passport varies depending on the country. It is recommended that the global partner obtains a valid passport as soon as possible. Visas can take any where from 2 weeks to 3 months from application to obtain. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Global Partner Coordinator, Jean Buckley.

14. Who decides if a Global Partner can come to PYT?

Your delegation can choose to host a Global Partner by working with the Global Partner Coordinator to identify a candidate as a Global Partner. You can also work with your presbytery (usually a Mission Committee) to identify a young person from the international partnership.