Youth (entering freshmen through graduated seniors in high school). Active in a PC(USA) or Cumberland Presbyterian church.  Youth participants need only be active not baptized or a member of a Presbyterian church. 


Adult Advisor (adults age 21 and over who serve as chaperones of the delegation). Approved adult advisors must have a completed and approved Background Screening (managed by the PYT national office) in order to accompany a delegation and step foot onto the Purdue campus. 


Workcrew (College age young adults who serve as PYT staff behind the scenes; Workcrew travel to and from with a delegation but are housed separately, with other workcrew members and workcrew coordinators). Workcrew will register as WORKCREW and their registration fee is $475.  Workcrew are housed in Deluxe Adult Residence Hall Housing.


Global Partners (Youth and young adults from partner churches and ministries who are invited, hosted and sponsored by PC(USA) OR CPC delegations). Global Partners can also attend the event “on their own” (meaning they are not registered with a delegation) permitted they are from an official partner ministry from one of the two sponsoring denominations AND that they manage their registration through the national PYT office.  Global Partners are housed with their sponsoring delegation OR in Deluxe Adult Residence Hall Housing (if they are not a part of a delegation). 


Caregivers (Adult participants who serve as a medical or comfort aid to registered participants).


Observers (Adult participants from presbyteries, denominational agencies/programs or other related denominational organizations who wish to be present at PYT). Observers must register (Adult Advisor Fee) and have a completed and approved background check.  Observers should plan to contact the National Registrar if they plan to attend.  Observers are housed in Deluxe Adult Residence Hall Housing.