After the Storm …

On September 20th, Hurricane Maria hit hard the island of Puerto Rico. The high-category 4 storm destroyed houses, farm and roads. It also severely impacted Guacio Presbyterian Camp and it’s neighbors. After the storm this camp quickly became a resource for the surrounding community in the weeks and months following Maria, helping supply needs from water and ice to a psychologist’s service to help people shattered by the storm and its aftermath. Today, Camp Guacio is also receiving volunteers that are still helping rebuild the affected communities. The work of rebuilding the camp and the island’s resources will take many years. This Camp has been an important part of the spiritual journey of thousands of Presbyterian youth and young adults who have found in this place to be a little bit of “heaven on earth”. Every year youth from all over the island visit Guacio to be part of retreats, conferences, volunteer groups and more. Many of those youth are Presbyterian Youth Triennium participants and leaders.

Youth Ministry on the island of Puerto Rico is a vibrant, energetic and beautiful witness to the Holy Spirit’s lead and much of it happens at Guacio! For the 2019 Presbyterian Youth Triennium offering the Production Team invites all PYT participants to give so that Guacio Presbyterian Camp can continue to provide a place where one can serve God among the beauty of God’s creation with the heart of a faithful disciple. 75 % of the received funds will go to Guacio Presbyterian Camp for the purpose of rebuilding and repair of hurricane damage.

I Give So You Can Go! PYT Legacy Fund

A smaller portion of the PYT offering collected will be given to the PYT Legacy Fund. The Legacy fund invites those who attend the Triennium, churches who send young people or leaders to PYT to share financial resources so that future youth and adults can more easily attend the event. The Legacy fund helps provide funds for registration, travel, international language interpretation, special needs expenses such as ADA van transport and many more expenses. 25% of the received funds will go to the PYT Legacy Fund. You can donate anytime to the PYT Legacy Fund by visiting this link:

The ECO number for the PYT Legacy Fund is: e052189

The PYT Offering will take place during worship on Wednesday, July 17th at the Triennium. Please give generously and joyfully!