☐         Complete and return the REGISTRAR CONTACT FORM.

☐         Join the private REGISTRAR FACEBOOK GROUP upon invite.

☐         Set up a GO PLAN (What, Who, How, Cost, When for your delegation)

☐         Set up a GO TEAM to manage your delegation’s PYT experience
(group of volunteers who will help send critical information and plan PYT)

☐         Establish how your delegation will be built (recruited, invited).

☐         Establish what funding might be available from the presbytery, church, individual.

☐         Establish a budget.

☐         Set up a Delegation Spreadsheet in order to organize the important information for each person in your delegation.

☐         Determine your delegation’s travel to and from Purdue.  Make any arrangements with bus companies, car rentals, and airlines.

☐         Determine if you have any college age young people who will participate as Work Crew members.
Contact Molly if you would like more information regarding Work Crew.

☐         Determine if you want to invite/include a Global Partner (or Global Partners) in your delegation.
Contact Molly if you would like more information regarding Global Partners.

☐         Complete and send in your DELEGATION ESTIMATE FORM to Molly.

☐         Plan your delegation’s pre-event gathering.

☐         Plan your delegation’s commissioning or sending service.

☐         Hold one or more pre-event orientation meetings with your confirmed Adult Advisors.
Using the time to review the background check process and the Adult Advisor Guide.

☐         Double check that all background checks have been completed for your adult advisors with the help of, and through the
PYT National Office.

☐         Make sure that background checks are completed for any Workcrew and/or Global Partner members of your delegation.
*Note:  Global Partner Background Screening process often requires a longer time than US based screenings.

☐         Complete your online registration (Opens November 2018 and closes May 2019).

☐         Complete all payments using the online registration portal.

☐         Instruct your delegation to complete the PARTICIPANT INFORMATION FORM; print out copies for yourself and compare with your DELEGATION SPREADSHEET.

☐         Keep up with any updates, changes, substitutions and send to National Registrar.

☐         Remember that registration closes on May 31, 2019 and late registration closes one week later with a $40.00 fee attached to each late registration (any registration after 5pm Eastern Time – May 31st).

☐         Determine with your Go Team or delegation any plans for designing and creating trading pins,
t-shirts or any other novelty items you wish to have for your delegation.

☐         Finalize arrangements for your Global Partner(s).  Check in with local hosts.
Confirm arrival/departure times/dates for your Global Partner.

☐         Finalize their registration along with your other delegation members.