Welcome, registrars!

Thank you serving as a delegation registrar. We cannot say enough about how grateful we are to you for volunteering to serve in this position.

Taking on these responsibilities is a lot of hard work, but it means that young people get to attend an event where they meet God in a real way and connect with other youth in a life-changing experience. What an incredible gift to offer your young people!

Not sure where to start

  1. If you have not yet done so, please to fill out the Registrar Contact Form online.
  2. Next, download and read through all of the Registrar Kit materials included below. This kit provides all of the important information you need to know as a registrar and will help to get you started.
  3. As always, reach out to Analise with questions or to talk things out!

*Please note that additional materials and updates to current resources will be added to the Registrar Kit throughout the registration process. Whenever possible, Analise will alert registrars of any additions or updates via email and/or on the Facebook page.
Remember to check the website, Facebook page, and your email regularly to remain informed.

Triennium Delegation Guide

Registration Overview and Timeline

Registrar Responsibilities Overview

Registrar Responsibilities Checklist

Triennium Housing Basics

PYT Information Sheet

PYT Artwork

Registrar Contact Form

Delegation Estimate Form

Delegation Estimate Form PDF

Delegation Information Spreadsheet

2022 PYT Registrars Group

Look for this resource coming soon!

Registration Instructions available March 2022