PYT 2016—Registrar FAQ

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National Registrar Contact Information

What is the contact information for Triennium’s national registrar?

The PYT national registrar is Molly Atkinson. Molly can be reached at 888/728-7228 x5049 or [email protected]The mailing address is: PYT Office, 100 Witherspoon Street #2041A, Louisville, KY, 40202-1396. Email is best (having a conversation trail really helps with a tiny team and a giant event). But sometimes you just need to hear a human and Molly is here for you.

Registering Your Group

Who can attend?

High school age youth (entering high school freshmen through graduated seniors) who attend a congregation in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church or the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Adult advisors (adult chaperones) must be 21 years and older and be active in youth ministry or be experienced in supervising youth. Adult advisors must be invited by the sponsoring delegation. The National Office will perform background checks for these adult advisors in the year of the event, 2016. There will also be a work crew of college-aged young adults at the event who applied and were selected to serve.

What are the costs for different participants?

  • Youth: $505.00
  • Global Partner Youth: $505.00 (this does not include travel costs)
  • Global Partner Adult: $505.00 + 35.00 for Required Background Check
  • Adult Advisors & Caregivers: $505.00 + $15 for Required Background Check
  • Work Crew: $455 (Required Background Check included in this price)
  • Observers/Guests: $655.00 (Includes registration, single AC room/bath in deluxe adult housing) +$15.00 for Required Background Check.


When is my delegation’s registration complete?

In order for your delegation’s registrations to be finalized, you will need to:

  • Register your delegates using the registration portal (Registration will open in February 1, 2016-please see instructions online under Registration Tab)
  • Pay for the delegation in full
  • Send the delegation’s original Medical and Event Release Formsand Participant Information Forms to: PYT Office, 100 Witherspoon Street #2041A, Louisville, KY, 40202.

Note: Each person in your delegation must be fully registered by May 31st at 5:00pm EST to avoid the $40 late fee.

*ALL REGISTRATION CLOSES ON JUNE 10, 2015 at 5pm (Eastern)

Are typed signatures acceptable on the Medical and Event Forms?

No. We need actual signatures on the forms.

What happens if my delegation isn’t paid in full by the registration deadline?

If you are paying with a credit card, you must be paid in full by 5 pm on May 31st. If you are paying by check, your check must be postmarked by May 31st. If this doesn’t happen, each person in your delegation will be assessed with a $40 late fee.

Who do I contact if I have problems with the registration website?

You will need to contact Molly Atkinson, National Registrar if you have questions about how to input your registration data in the registration portal. Or if you have questions about the registration process.

How many adult advisors do I need to bring with my delegation?

You must have at least one adult advisor for every ten youth of the same gender in your delegation. So, if you have one male youth and eleven female youth, you must have one male adult advisor and two female adult advisors. Triennium days can be long and teenagers – active. Most delegations bring a few more advisors than they officially need. This provides an enormous benefit for your delegation. In addition – if you have adults in your local churches or presbytery who want to attend the Youth Worker Track training they can also join your delegation.


How do I pay with a check?

Please make check out to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). In the memo line, please write SE16002. (This number is VERY important as it ensures that the money goes to the Triennium account AND that your registration is logged in the Triennium system.) Keep the check with you so that you can pay on our online registration system. After you have entered the check information into the registration system, you will need to mail the check to the Lockbox. This is the address:

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Special Events Remittance Processing

P.O. Box 643765

Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700

Refunds, Cancellations, and Substitutions

What is the refund schedule?

Refunds will be available through May 31st. If a participant cancels before May 31st all but $75.00 is refundable. After May 31st, we will not be able to offer any refunds, but you will be able to substitute a participant of the same gender. If this is after May 31st, 5pm the new participant registration will be assessed with a $40 late fee.

Can I replace someone who has cancelled in my delegation with someone who signed up late?

Yes! Until May 31st, you can substitute participants without a penalty. Please contact Molly to make this happen. After May 31st, you can only substitute participants of the same gender.

Travel and Housing

When will I find out where my delegation will be housed at Triennium?

We will send your housing information to you in early July 2016 if not before. Assigning housing for approximately 5000 participants, by delegation, denomination, special need, gender, age – takes a bit of time. Several weeks to be exact. Purdue will send an email to the registrars letting them know their assigned residence hall.

Where can I find the addresses for Purdue’s residence halls?

Be on the lookout for the document on the PYT Website. Once the specific residence halls have been assigned we will post the list (which includes addresses) under Registration. This will not be posted until all of the housing assignments have been completed.

Who assigns roommates for the event?

You do! When you register your group, you will have the opportunity to assign roommates.

How many participants can be assigned to each room?

Plan for each room housing two Triennium participants.

What happens if I have an odd number of participants in my group and one of my participants doesn’t have a roommate?

Purdue will assign these participants a roommate from another delegation. We will do our best to keep your delegation together in the residence hall. If you do not want a roommate assigned to you or another participant’s room then you can opt for a single room and pay the single room cost.

Can youth and adults room together?

No. The only exception is when a youth requires a full-time caregiver. If this is the case, you will need to indicate this in your registration and be available to offer proof that the young person needs a caregiver and that the parents/guardians of the young person have given written permission.

Can adult advisors who are married room together?

No. Males and females will live in separate areas of the residence halls and therefore married couples will not be able to share a room. If there is a medical reason that requires one of the adult advisors to require a caregiver, please email our national registrar: [email protected]

How much does it cost to replace a lost residence hall key?


Will the residence halls provide bed linens, pillows, and towels?

Yes! One bath towel and washcloth, as well as a set of sheets is provided on opening day. If you are picky about towels or need more than one – we suggest you toss an extra in your luggage.

Will the residence halls provide soap?

No. Please bring soap. Soap is very important.

If my delegation is flying, which airport do we to fly into?

Indianapolis International Airport. You can fly into Chicago airports – but you will need to remember that you have to make your own bus arrangements to and from Purdue. See below for the “how” to do this.

How do I get my delegation from the Indianapolis airport to Purdue?

We will post a form titled AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION under the REGISTRATION area of the PYT website. Purdue is moving from an in house transportation office to an outsourced mode. Once we have that information we will post it online. You are welcome to find another bus company or airport shuttle company to transport your group to and from Purdue. Using Google or another similar search system you will find many options.   It’s likely that you can do the research online just as quickly and check that item off – instead of waiting for Purdue’s new information.

Does Purdue provide transportation from the Chicago Airports to Purdue?

No. If you fly into Chicago, you will need to arrange your own transportation to Purdue.

Is there a PYT Airfare Discount or official airline?


Can my delegation stay on campus if we need to arrive the night before due to travel schedules?

Yes! If you are arriving early, you can stay Monday night (July 18th) in your assigned residence hall. You will need to indicate your early arrival when you register. Talk to Molly about this! At the end of the conference, you will be billed directly for the extra night: if you need pricing please ask. Before the conference officially begins, you can purchase meals in your assigned dining hall (pay the dining hall directly for your meals) or arrange for meals on your own.

Is there money available to help delegations travel from long distances?

UPDATE: TRAVEL POOL funds are no longer available. Yes. There is a very modest amount of funding available for groups traveling long distance (over a days drive generally). Travel Pool Grant information is located on the Triennium website under the Registration tab.

Which hotel do you recommend for my bus driver?

We do not recommend a specific hotel for bus drivers. You can find a number of modestly priced hotels/motels online. There are more options in Lafayette as opposed to West Lafayette (Purdue is located in West Lafayette).

Adult Advisors

What is the ratio of adult advisors to youth participants?

One adult for every 10 youth of the same gender. So, if you have five female youth participants and 1 male youth participant you will need at least one male and one female adult advisor.

How old do adult advisors need to be?

Adult advisors must be at least 21 years old with experience in youth ministry and who complete a Triennium background check with an approved report.

What do Adult Advisors do?

Adult advisors are full Triennium participants. They stay in the residence halls and participate in all of the event’s scheduled activities. They care for the youth in their delegations and they serve as role models throughout the event. Each evening, adult advisors assist the community life staff in checking in with an assigned group of young people in their residence halls. The Triennium Adult Advisor Guide will be posted on the website in April 2016. The guide should be reviewed by the delegation registrar and all adult advisors in a pre-event meeting.

Can adults and youth room together?

No. Adults and youth cannot share a sleeping room. Though youth and adults will have rooms on the same floor, they do not share rooms. An exception will be made for youth with special needs who require the assistance of a caregiver.

Can we send more than the required number of adult advisors?

Yes! We’d prefer that “extra” adults not take the space of youth who could attend. However, if you’ve got the space, budget and interest, we think that’s great!

Is there childcare at Triennium?

No. We do not offer childcare for the children of adult advisors at the Triennium. *A word about the adult advisor experience at the Triennium: Adults who attend Triennium need to have their full attention focused on the youth they are accompanying. The Triennium is a fun event, but the days are long and the attention needed by the youth participants is a full time “job” for adult advisors. Occasionally an adult advisor must bring their child or younger youth. As long as you’ve got adult advisors who can attend small groups, manage late night emergencies without asking for childcare help from delegates, and who can manage the cost of using the other ½ of a residence hall room, you can bring a child. However, we do not recommend this simply because we have seen it be very tough on adults trying to care for their children AND manage the role of adult advisor.

Background Checks

Please see the Background Check Policy and Procedure document located under the Registration / Registrar Documents tab on the website. Adult advisors must have a completed and approved background check in order to be considered registered and in order to attend. Background checks will be managed by the PYT office and registrar. Instructions for adults to complete the Background Check Consent Release form will be sent to all registrars in February 2016.

Special Needs

If someone in my delegation has special needs, how do I communicate these needs to the Purdue and Triennium staff?

When you register, you will have the opportunity to add special needs information about each participant in your delegation. If you have additional concerns, please contact our national registrar: 800/728-7228 x5049 or [email protected]

Is there on-campus transportation for participants with mobility issues?

Yes, there is limited transportation available for participants who, for medical reasons, are unable to walk the long distances required at Purdue University. To make sure we have your participant on our special needs transportation list, please contact our national registrar: 800/728-7228 x5049 or [email protected]

Bikes, Skateboards and Scooters … and drones

Bikes, skateboards and small manually powered scooters are allowed for on campus transportation. HOVERBOARDS ARE NOT ALLOWED AND WILL BE CONFISCATED IF SEEN IN USE – WILL HAVE TO BE CONFISCATED AND STORED UNTIL THE END OF THE EVENT. We’re sorry. This is a Purdue rule and an insurance requirement.

Drones are not allowed on campus or in any Triennium related activity/event. We know. Never did we imagine we’d be typing this sentence! But – the times …

Work Crew

Are you still accepting applications for the work crew?

Yes. Applications can be found on the PYT website.

Do I need to register my work crew members?

Yes, work crew members must be registered with a delegation in order to come to Triennium. They must also fill out the Participant Information Form and Medical and Event Release Form.

Am I responsible for a background check for the work crew members in my delegation?

Workcrew background checks are managed the same way as Adult Advisor background checks.

Will the work crew members stay with my delegation during the event?

No. Work crew members stay in the First Street Towers while at Triennium. This air-conditioned residence hall only has single rooms with bathrooms in each room.

How much does it cost to come to Triennium as a Work Crew member?

The registration cost for Work Crew members is $455. Included in this price is the fee for the background check.

When will Work Crew members hear more information about the Work Crew experience. The Work Crew Coordinator, Nathan Wheeler, will contact all Work Crew members in April 2016 to begin building community through social media. Work crew team assignments will be sent to Work Crew members closer to the event.

Medical Emergencies

Participant emergencies should be handled by EMS and/or the particpant’s presbytery chaperone in accordance with the medical authorization the participant’s parent or guardian executed.   This means following the PYT Medical Emergency Protocol.  This protocol will be distributed during opening night orientation and is available in the Adult Advisor Guide.   If, in the case of a dire emerency, an Adult Advisor/ chaperone is not available to accompany the participant with EMS, another PYT staff person or volunteer may accompany if needed.  This includes securing prescriptions.

PYT Participants and Prescription Purchases

Should a PYT participant be injured/ill and/or need a prescription filled during event: Participants should be prepared to pay for the prescription at the time of retrieval.      Registrars should make a medical emergency plan with the Adult Advisors attending PYT.  We suggest that at least one Adult Advisor (if not all) be given a pre-paid VISA or AMEX gift card to be used for medical emergency situations (e.g. If a participant does not have medical insurance coverage but who might need a prescription or other medical supply).

PYT cannot cover participant prescription costs.  PYT staff and volunteers are not able to pay for participant prescriptions, medical supplies or personal supplies.  Registrars should help prepare Adult Advisors and youth participants to think through medical and personal needs.

There are several convenience stores near campus.  If a participant needs to purchase a personal care product they should create a plan with their lead Adult Advisor to walk to a store.


Is there a commissioning service available for my delegation?

Yes. Look under the Resources tab on the Triennium website

Does Triennium have an abuse prevention policy?

Yes! Look under the Resources tab on the Triennium website. We highly recommend that you share and discuss this policy with your adult advisors before you travel to the event.

Triennium Traditions, Lore and Fun Stuff

What advice do you have about bringing trading pins to the event?

Some Triennium delegations will bring trading pins to the event that represent their area of the country or delegation, but this isn’t a requirement. Many participants like to trade pins and attach them to their name tags. In terms of the number of pins you might want to bring, consider bringing a certain amount (10-15) per participant in your delegation.

If you want to create a delegation t-shirt you are welcome to use any of the PYT 2016 “GO” artwork! The artwork is located under several tabs under the RESOURCES tab on the website.


There will be a highlights DVD produced after the event. DVDs will be sold online and most likely in the event office at the Triennium. Pricing details to come!