Travel Grants Description and Guidelines


A Triennium travel grant or “travel pool” grant is financial aid given to a specific presbytery in order to subsidize travel expenses for a group of youth and adults traveling to and from the Presbyterian Youth Triennium (an event sponsored by the Presbyterian Mission Agency – every three years). These grants are made payable to the presbytery and awarded by a reviewing team made up of Triennium administrative staff. Travel pool funds are available for long distance traveling groups; primarily for delegations coming from presbyteries within synods that are more than 15-20 hours “driving time” away from West Lafayette, Indiana (current site of the Triennium).

The Triennium Travel Grant is, according to the “types of grants” as defined in the PMA Grant Policy, is as defined in #2 in the “Types of Grants” section or “Selected and approved by staff or Staff Committee given delegated authority from an Elected Committee, when the Elected Committee is authorized to so delegate.”


  • Delegation must be within a range that is eligible for receiving funds.
  • Delegation must be based in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
  • A complete application should include a completed “Travel Pool Grant” application and a delegation budget showing additional financial travel support.
  • The completed application must be received no later than February 11, 2016.
  • An understanding that funds are limited and available on a first request, first serve basis.
  • An understanding that ranges are suggested and have maximum amounts but a smaller amount (than the maximum) might be awarded depending on available funds.
  • The travel grant check must be made payable to the presbytery and no single individual.

Funds Origin

Funds for travel grants are included in the Special Events Budget for the Triennium (SE Budget) and are restricted funds (primarily the Pentecost Offering and endowments intended for specific use). For the 2016 Triennium there is a total of $40,000.00 in the budget line for travel grants.


The Triennium office has awarded modest travel pool funds to presbyteries (and in some cases, churches) since it’s beginning in 1980. These funds are awarded to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) delegations and are intended to support delegations in the effort to send young people to the Triennium. Funds have always been limited from the national office sponsoring the event and the participants number too high to equitably award individual scholarships. It has been the practice and desire of Triennium program to offer some support, as modest as it is, in the way of travel funds.

Travel Grant and Delegation Awards

Delegation registrars understand that the funds are limited and also understand that the primary funding comes from the sending church, the participant’s family and when available, through the presbytery or synod. Some delegations engage in fund raising efforts as well to fund their trip and their participant registration.

The majority of the funds are awarded to presbytery delegations within the following synods (who apply and demonstrate need):



Rocky Mountains


Southern California and Hawaii

Puerto Rico

Not all presbytery delegations apply for travel funds. Not all who apply are able to receive funding, applicants may receive less than the maximum or amount requested, because of the application date, or the amount of funding available at the time they apply or their articulated need.

Reviewing Team

The reviewing team for the 2016 Triennium Travel Grants will include the following PMA staff: PYT National Registrar, PYT Administrator and TFE Coordinator for Mission Effectiveness. In the absence of one of the above staff members a substitute reviewer could include the Associate Director for Evangelism or the Coordinator for Youth, Young Adult and Collegiate Ministry. Final approval for grant awards will come from the Chief Financial Officer of the Presbyterian Mission Agency.


Grant applications will be received between December 11, 2015 and February 11, 2016. After February 11, 2016 travel grants will no longer be awarded. Any remaining funds in the budget line, because they have been designated as scholarship/travel grants, could be used to offer special assistance for special or unique delegation situations as determined by the reviewing team.

Travel grant award status will be communicated to the registrars 3-4 weeks after receiving the completed application packet. Funds for approved grants will be sent to the Presbytery.

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