This is the BIG PICTURE overview of PYT registration. Complete detailed instructions will be available on this website closer the launch of registration in Fall 2018. Registration is multi-layered; there is information in a specific format that Purdue needs in order for their staff to make this event work. There is information in a specific format that the Triennium Office needs in order to meet legal and risk management requirements. And finally, there are some things that Registrars/Adult Advisors need in order to build and host a delegation. This overview will detail each of the required steps. It helps to think about the PYT registration process as a 4 Phase process with 7 steps throughout this process.

Step 1: Download Delegation Information Spreadsheet. When you receive interest from a youth or adult wanting to attend this event, begin recording their information here. This spreadsheet is information that is necessary to Purdue Staff so that they can provide the best care possible for attendees.

Step 2: Once a youth or adult is confirmed (in your mind), ask them to fill out the Participant Release Form on the Presbyterian Youth Triennium Website. This form is necessary for the Triennium Office and for Registrars/Adult Advisors. Not only does it collect important personal information, it also requires confirmation that youth and their parents, and adult advisors, understand what is expected of them while at this event. Once this form is completed online, a copy will be sent to the Registrar and to the National Registrar automatically.

The Participant Release Form form will be made available in late summer of 2018.

Step 3: Collect the Participant Release Forms (digitally or in paper form) in one place and compare these to your Delegation Information Spreadsheet. These need to match.

Step 4: When you are done collecting these forms, and your spreadsheet is complete, send the spreadsheet to Molly Atkinson at [email protected].

Step 5: Online registration! Molly will upload your spreadsheet to the PCUSA Online Registration site. Once she is done with that, you will be asked to verify that all of the information is correct. When you have finished, you will pay for your registration.

Step 6: Background checks! Once your spreadsheet is sent, Molly will begin running background checks on your adult advisors and youth 18 years or older at the event. Visit the Abuse Prevention Policy for more detailed information.

(Okay – we added this step because we rejoice as should you!)

Step 7: Registration is complete once you have done these things.