Spring and Summer 2018

Registrar Recruitment

  • Registrar Appointment Invitation promoted within presbyteries via Mid Council e-newsletter, mailing to all presbyteries and email to all presbyteries.
  • Registrar, upon appointment, completes REGISTRAR CONTACT FORM and sends to Molly Atkinson, National PYT Registrar.
  • National PYT Registrar posts Registrar documents on the PYT website under REGISTRATION tab. REGISTRARS should begin to use these documents immediately upon appointment to build important PYT 2019 plans.
  • Registrars set up their GO TEAM (group who will help recruit and send out important information) immediately upon appointment.
  • Registrars communicate GO TEAM and their plan to the presbytery or church.

Summer and Fall 2018

  • Presbytery-based registrars begin to build delegation from all churches or interested churches in the presbytery.
  • Church-based registrars begin to determine who will go from their high school age youth.
  • Accepted participants must complete the PARTICIPANT INFORMATION FORM. This form will be available late Summer or early Fall 2018.

October 2018

  • Continue building delegation and registration preparation
  • Complete the Delegation Estimate Form for your delegation. This form can be found online under the REGISTRATION tab.                                         

*The Delegation Estimate Form gives event planners a realistic idea of the total numbers to expect at PYT.  This aids staff in planning and budgeting.

*REGISTRATION IS TENTATIVELY SET TO OPEN MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2018 (any changes will be communicated to registrars and are contingent upon registration system testing and preparation).

Winter 2018- Spring 2019

  • Continue to finalize and/or update your delegation’s registration.
  • Determine if and when your delegation will be commissioned at a presbytery meeting or worship service. Use the Commissioning Service available online under the RESOURCES tab (available in Fall 2018).
  • Finalize your delegation’s transportation plan.
  • Create a roster of your delegation members.
  • Host a gathering of your adult advisors who will be traveling to Triennium. Review the PYT Community Covenant Guidelines, the Adult Advisor Guide. Review the PYT schedule.  Discuss roles among your adult advisors.
  • Determine a “Lead” Adult Advisor; the onsite Adult Advisor who will be contacted should there be an important need or question.
  • If you are hosting a Global Partner be sure to include your Global Partner in any pre-event communications. Work to connect your delegation with their Global Partner using Facebook, Twitter, email, snail mail, and/or Instagram.
  • Determine when your delegation’s Pre-PYT gathering will occur? Where it will occur?  Who will lead?  Your agenda?
  • Determine with your delegation if you will create and prepare trading pins, group t-shirts, etc.
  • Make two copies of Participant Information Form Keep the copies for yourself and your lead Adult Advisor.
  • Make sure that the background check process is completed for all your adult advisors, your youth who will be 18 at PYT, adult global partners and work crew, with the help of the National Registrar, through the Triennium office. More information will be available on the PYT Website.

May 2019

  • Review your Registrar Checklist
  • Finalize your delegation’s registration, including any final payments.
  • Send event information to your delegation members and their parents:

            Packing List
            Departure Information

A late fee of $40.00 per registration will be added to each registration after 5pm on 5/31


June 6th, 2019

Registration updates, changes, substitutions end.


July 1st-8th

Housing Assignments Emailed from Purdue

*Emails will go out to all registered participants and REGISTRARS

July 16, 2019

1:00pm                        Check In at Purdue opens for PYT Participants


July 20, 2019

12:00                           Closing worship ends at Triennium