PYT registration is coordinated by the PYT National Registrar.  The job of the National Registrar is to help mid councils and congregations recruit the volunteer registrars and then upon appointment, resource each presbytery or church wishing to send a delegation to the Triennium.

Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: 1-800-728-7228 x5208 or 502-569-5208
Fax:  502-569-8445




Molly Atkinson is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and is currently serving as the National Registrar for the Presbyterian Youth Triennium for the second time around. She is a member of Central Presbyterian Church, and serves as a Godly Play teacher and as a member of session. She is married to Mario Ransan and is mother to sweet baby, Miriam. In her free time she enjoys playing with Miriam, watching TV, quilting, scrapbooking and spending time with family and friends. She is excited to be serving as National Registrar again!


  • Responsibilities outline for registrars
  • Timeline
  • Instructions for building a delegation
  • Registration instructions
  • Adult Advisor Background Check oversite and tracking
  • Response to questions regarding housing, special needs, and other delegation basics
  • Encouragement!
  • Information regarding small travel grants for long distance travelers
  • Information regarding scholarships for racial ethnic youth and adult participants
  • Final registrar “interview” to ensure required steps have been completed (payment, forms, background reports, special needs)

(How they are appointed and initial contact information)

Groups that travel to the Triennium are called DELEGATIONS.  Delegations can come from a presbytery or a church.  Most delegations come from presbyteries and are made up of youth from each congregation in the presbytery plus the proper number of adult advisors.  These delegations are managed by a Delegation Registrar.  The registrar is appointed/invited by official presbytery or church leadership – generally the Executive Presbyter or other mid council/church staff.  Every presbytery in the denomination has been sent a letter from the National Registrar/PYT office inviting the presbytery to appoint a registrar.  Every registrar upon appointment is required to complete the REGISTRAR CONTACT FORM and to review the REGISTRAR RESPONSIBILITIES AND REGISTRATION TIMELINE forms. 





Serve as THE point person for your presbytery/ church delegation


  1. Complete the Registrar Contact Form and fax to 502-569-8445 or email to [email protected]
  2. Establish a Triennium “GO Team” (a group of volunteers who get vital event information to youth and adults) to assist you with the selection process, planning and communication.
  3. Forward or send Triennium Information, as it comes to you, to every church in your presbytery.
  4. Using the 2019 Presbyterian Youth Triennium artwork (located on the Facebook group and the website) create simple promotional pieces (e-cards, postcards, flyers, etc.) and send them to every church and youth leader in your presbytery.
  5. Coordinate the selection of your Triennium delegation (youth and adult advisors).
  6. Make sure that the background check process is completed, with the help of the National Registrar, through the Triennium office.
  7. Host at least one Pre-Triennium Gathering for your delegation with the purpose of sharing information, building community and developing a community life covenant. 
  8. Visit the Triennium website and the private Registrar Facebook Group frequently for updates and time sensitive materials.
  9. Communicate with the National Registrar as needed.
  10. Coordinate travel to and from the Triennium for your delegation. 
  11. Complete the Group Estimate form and send to the National Registrar by October 1, 2018.
  12. Complete all registration by the deadline. This includes completing the online registration for your delegation, all registration fees paid, all updates made.


  • Be clear about the type of delegation you are building. Are you recruiting for a church based delegation?  Or a presbytery based delegation? A church based delegation is simply a group of youth and adults from an individual congregation who wish to send a group to Triennium.  A presbytery delegation is made up of youth who are invited to come from a variety of churches in your presbytery.  Both types of delegations include the same parameters:  Adult Advisors (chaperones), youth participants, Work Crew (if applicable), Global Partners (if applicable). Both types of groups must meet the Adult Advisor Ratio requirement of 1 adult per 10 youth of the same gender.  Both types of delegations are managed by a volunteer registrar. 
  • Consider forming a PYT “Go Team” to assist you with pre-event planning, gathering and communication. A “Go Team” is a group of adults and youth from your delegation (or who wish to help) who will take pieces of the registration process and manage them.  For example – some Go Teams are organized with roles such as:  Social Media coordinator, Pre Event Planner, Lead Adult Advisor, Pastoral Care, Task Manager.

Church Based Delegation

  • Determine who will go from your high school age youth group. You can send all your high schoolers or you can choose to limit your group to those high schoolers you feel would best benefit from or engage with PYT.

Presbytery Based Delegation

  • Determine how to promote PYT to the churches in your presbytery. It is required that every church in your presbytery receive the opportunity to send youth or adults to the Triennium.
  • Determine how you will build your delegation. Will you determine the size of your delegation first?  And then disseminate an application to all the churches from which you will choose your participants?  Or, will you “point recruit” meaning – you work with individual church staff and leaders to select appropriate youth participants for your presbytery delegation?  This is up to you!  You know your presbytery best. How it is organized.  How it takes on youth ministry.  How it receives information most effectively.  You should work with your Executive Presbyter or the appropriate committee in your presbytery to make these decisions.

Building Your Delegation

  • Once you have an idea of how large your group will be, recruit your adult advisors. Remember you need to have 1 adult per 10 youth of the same gender.  So, if you have 5 girls and 8 boys, you will need at least, one female adult advisor and one male adult advisor.  It never hurts to have extra adults.
  • Once you have your delegation size and recruiting process determined – get to it! Give yourself a deadline for finalizing participants.
  • Some presbyteries create a simple application or essay form that they use to help potential participants consider why they’d like to attend PYT. Once you’ve established who is going to be in your delegation – begin a spreadsheet/database with each person’s essential contact information.
  • If you would like to see a sample Delegation Application Form please contact National Registrar, Molly Atkinson.
  • Fill out the Delegation Information Spreadsheet.


Registering Your Delegation

Once you have your delegation set you will then need to complete the online registration protocol. You do not register your delegation until you have your delegation complete (meaning – all of your participants and adult advisors finalized).  We will communicate the OPENING DATE AND FINAL INSTRUCTIONS as we get closer to the time. While the final steps will be sent to registrars closer to the opening of registration here is a peek at what will be needed:

  • Register your delegation using the online registration system. Detailed instructions / visuals will be posted online prior to the opening of registration.  Molly will also be available to assist registrars with registration.
  • When registering your delegation you should expect to: Make the full payment for the people you are registering during that session.  Have basic per participant information (first/last name, birthdate, cell phone, email, gender identity, etc.).




Finalizing Your Registration

There are several required steps for each delegation/participant in order to finalize your delegation’s registration.

  • Send your Delegation Spreadsheet to Molly Atkinson (National Registrar). Molly will use the spreadsheet to ensure that your registration is complete and that all required steps have been covered.
  • The Participant Information Form is a form that contains required information for each participant. The form will have fields such as:  Full name, birthdate, EMAIL, Cell, Gender identity, Parent/Guardian Name, Parent/Guardian Contact, Delegation Name, Medical Release Statement and Signatory line, Covenant Living Acknowledgement, Media release acknowledgement and Medical insurance information.
  • Mandatory Adult Background Screening/Reports for all adults included in your delegation. In February of 2019 we will begin to run Background checks for all adults registered as adult advisors.  The National Registrar will send all delegation registrars the simple instructions and links for adult advisors to use to complete the background screening.  This screening will be conducted by the PYT Office through the abuse prevention agency, Praesidium, Inc. The cost for background checks is included with the adult registration fee.
  • Complete the delegation estimate form in Fall 2018 and send to the national PYT office.
  • Have your delegation recognized, commissioned and prayed for at a worship service, presbytery meeting or through an electronic platform such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Host a pre-event PYT gathering for your delegation.
  • Plan for transportation to and from the Triennium and communicate the plan, schedule, and all other critical information to your delegation members.