Residence Hall Coordinators are critical to the Community Life of the Presbyterian Youth Triennium. Each Residence Hall will have at least two coordinators assigned to it (at least one female and one male) in addition to the residence hall managers who are part of the Purdue University staff. Each residence hall will have a Conference Dean and a Community Life Team member of the Production Team assigned to support the Residence Hall Coordinators.

Residence Hall Coordinators (RHCs) provide leadership within the residence hall and play a critical role in handling emergencies. They relate daily to the participants, the adult advisors, Purdue University residence hall managers and staff, and the Conference Deans. They are directly accountable to the Conference Deans who link them to the Production Team through the Community Life Team.

The PYT will cover the bulk of your event-related expenses (food, travel, lodging). We are asking all volunteer leaders to contribute $100 toward their expenses. Paying for registration and travel for the event will be a challenge for many of our youth participants, their families, and congregations. Your contribution of $100 will signal your personal commitment to the event as you support our efforts to help reduce costs for all participants.


  • To provide support, encouragement and spiritual nurture to participants assigned to the residence hall, with the support of the Conference Dean.
  • To work with the Conference Deans, Purdue University Residence Hall Managers, and Adult Advisors to maintain the health, safety, and well-being of all in the Residence Hall.
  • To respond to emergencies with the Conference Dean’s support as needed, and to maintain a record of critical incidents.



  • Perform a pre-event walk-through of the assigned residence hall, noting items in disrepair, and safety issues.
  • During registration on opening day, be actively engaged with residence hall staff and Triennium participants in order to:
    • Create an environment that is caring and hospitable.
    • Meet Adult Advisors, giving them “Check-In Group” packets and informing them of the required Adult Advisor meeting that evening.
    • Post copies of guidelines for community life, the Triennium Covenant, and the schedule of events.
    • Initiate conversations with new arrivals and discover and respond to their questions.
    • Hold a check-in meeting for Adult Advisors the first night of the event.
  • Daily responsibilities in the residence halls include the following:
    • Respond to specific needs and emergencies within the residence hall:
      • Refer to and use established policies to respond to missing person issues, medical emergencies, etc., contacting Conference Deans as needed.
      • Keep at hand phone numbers for campus medical facilities, community medical facilities, campus security, Deans, etc.
    • Following emergencies or incidents enter the necessary data in the Critical Incident Log.
    • Be available and engaged in the residence hall during meal times and on duty from 10 p.m. on. The Community Life Team and Conference Deans will be available for relief.
    • Use reports from Check-In Groups to account for people at curfew.
  • Meet daily with Conference Deans and Purdue University Residence Hall Managers.
    • Review logs daily with Conference Deans responsible for the residence hall. Contact Conference Deans whenever their assistance is needed.
    • Check daily (more frequently if necessary) with the Purdue University Residence Hall Managers to update them on situations in the residence hall that need their attention.
  • Participate in Presbyterian Youth Triennium events as your schedule and responsibilities allow.
  • Maintain good health, sense of humor, and helpful perspective in both word and deed.
  • Be flexible, willing to cooperate and open to suggestions.
  • Pray for the Triennium, all participants and your servant leadership.