Group Travel and Registration Grant Application

There are limited funds available to assist Presbyterian Church (USA) delegations for group travel and registration for the Triennium. The following TYPES of funds are available:

Hurricane Relief Funds (For delegations traveling from hurricane affected areas including those affected by Maria, Florence and Harvey).

Native American Grant Option (For Native youth and adults and Native/American Indian delegations).

Appalachian Grant Option (For youth and adults and delegations coming from KY and TN based Appalachian regions).

PYT Funds (For delegations traveling long distance or bearing special financial needs).


  1. There are (3) documents that you need to submit in order to apply for a grant:
  2. You will need to have a decent idea of what your delegation looks like before applying – but you do not need to wait until you are absolutely ready to register. You will need to include information about your delegation members in order to describe your need and qualify for a grant. The more information you can provide us, the better! If there is something that would be helpful for the grant review team to know and it doesn’t fit into a box on a spreadsheet, then please include a narrative.
  3. If your delegation is awarded a grant, the grant agreement will need to be signed by an official financial officer or designee of your presbytery, church or organization. You will need to name that person and provide their email address on your application. In addition, the application has fields that request specific IRS, financial and insurance information – it is helpful to complete the application with your presbytery or church financial liaison.
  4. Send in your application and attached information to:Heather Leoncini
    By scan and email: [email protected]
    By mail:
    PYT – Heather Leoncini
    100 Witherspoon Street
    Louisville, KY 40202-1396
  5. Grant review can take 3-5 weeks. Please be patient as the PYT Grant Recommending team and then the Grant Approval Team review your grant.
  6. Checks will be made payable to church, presbytery or associations only (no individuals). When a grant is approved the registrar will be notified and the grant awarding process will begin (approval given to the Accounts Payable Department and Check cut).
  7. Deadline for ALL GRANT APPLICATIONS is April 26, 2019.
  8. All grant awardees MUST complete the FINAL REPORT FOR PRESBYTERIAN YOUTH TRIENNIUM GRANTS form. This is a simple form that asks the registrar / delegation to prepare a 1-3 sentence narrative explaining how the grant was used for the Triennium delegation. Final reports should be sent to: [email protected]