In many ways, Small Group is the pulse of the PYT experience because this is where young people are given time and space to process and reflect on all that they are seeing, hearing and learning. Through meaningful conversation and a wide variety of creative activities, Small Groups help young people to discover how stories from Scripture and their experiences at PYT intersect and enrich their growing Christian faith.
The youth who attend the Presbyterian Youth Triennium (PYT) consistently tell us that they love Small Group because this is where they encounter God’s Word in fresh, honest and exciting ways, this is where they form lasting friendships which flourish in Christian community, and this is where they are able to find renewal and transformation in their own lives of faith.

During Small Group youth will delve into the PYT theme and will be consider they ways we say, “Tune my Heart;” the ways we celebrate that “Jesus Sought Me;” the ways we all are prone to have a “Wandering Heart;” and finally they will proclaim “Here’s My Heart,” and “Take and Seal It” as they prepare to leave and share the good news with the world. For this to happen, and for Small Group to be the outstanding experience we expect it will be, we need faithful, enthusiastic Small Group Leaders who are alive in their faith and are read to go on this adventure with us. Perhaps we need you?

If you or someone you know is an experienced youth leader who . . .

-cares deeply about accompanying young people on their spiritual journeys

-is committed to making Small Group a safe space (emotionally, spiritually and physically) for all group members
is energized about leading daily Small Group activities and facilitating discussions

-is more concerned about the young people at PYT and their experience of God’s Word and encounter with Christian community, and less concerned about “the Small Group Leader’s experience”

-is interested in learning more about our exciting, new way of doing Small Groups for PYT 2019

. . . then please click on the Information, Expectations and Requirements of Small Group Leaders document where you will find an explanation and overview of our Small Group structure for PYT 2019, a detailed list of Small Group Leader requirements and expectations, and a link to the Small Group Leader Application.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Should you have any questions, please contact Small Group Ministry Team Coordinator Samantha Hassell.