Special Committee on Racism Truth and Reconciliation

Thursday, July 18 & Friday, July 19th | PMU 260

(Located on the 2nd floor of the Union Building)

We Want To Hear Your Voice!

The 2016 and 2018 General Assemblies of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has “charged the Special Committee on Racism Truth and Reconciliation with conducting a churchwide listening campaign to hear the voices of peoples long silenced regarding the state of institutional racism and oppression within our church.”

The Special Committee will conduct several listening sessions at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium to hear your stories and experiences as we work together to be partners for dismantling racism in the church and society.

If you are interested, sign-up sheets will be available at the OGA exhibit in the PYT Exhibit Hall. The listening sessions will be held in PMU 260 (located on the second floor of the Union Building, just upstairs from the Exhibit Hall “Mission Center” on Thursday, July 18; Friday, July 19th.

Thank you in advance.