Yes.  An amazing group of saints (aka young adults) pay a discounted Triennium registration fee in order to work, behind the scenes of the event, as servant leaders.  The Triennium Work Crew, truly one of the incredible aspects of the event, is a great experience for college age/young adult Presbyterian women and men who wish to provide leadership for the event.  As a Work Crew member you will be registered with a delegation (usually from your home church or presbytery).  You will travel to the Triennium and home from the event with your delegation.  However!  At the event you will be moved into the Work Crew Community!  50-75 young adults, led by a team of volunteer “wranglers” who provide critical labor and staffing for the hundreds of facets of the event.  Work Crew are housed together in deluxe, senior level housing (Single room with AC and private baths) and serve during the five days – together.

Interested?  You should be.  THIS is an excellent opportunity to offer your heart and soul to the church and to God’s gathered community.  If you are interested in Work Crew we suggest you FIRST speak with someone in your presbytery or church or with our National Registrar, Molly, to determine who your registrar is.  Then – you should complete this application.  Completed applications are directed to our national office.