Youth Worker Training at the Triennium 2016

Adult Advisors attending the Triennium have the option to register for one of two classes being offered during the event (see schedule below).  When registering for a class it is understood that the participant is registering to attend the three sessions offered for the specific class.  The two youth worker track classes run simultaneously.

(Locations assigned following registration and will be announced in event schedule)

Wednesday, July 20th8:00pm-10:00pm
Thursday, July 21st 8:00pm-10:00pm
Friday, July 22nd 9:00am-11:00am


Beyond Sardines and Soup kitchens:  The art of faith formation in ministry with youth

Certainly fellowship and activities and opportunities to serve are important components of youth ministry, but the reason we do youth ministry ultimately is to help grow and nurture a deep and abiding faith in God with our young people.  All those things that we do, from building relationships to eating together to mission trips to Bible study to recreation to helping young people grow as leaders are for the singular purpose of faith formation.  This youth worker track course is designed to help adult leaders experience and practice the art of faith formation in ministry with adolescents (12-18 year-olds).  Together, we will explore some of the latest research about how faith is formed.  Leaders will be equipped with practical ways to create the best environments for the Holy Spirit to do the work of faith formation.

Leader: Rodger Y. Nishioka


After Graduation: Sustaining the Spiritual Lives of Collegiate-Aged Students and Young Adults after Youth Ministry

One of the most important questions the church is asking today is “How do we support the spiritual formation of young people once they leave the nests of our congregations and youth groups?” This youth worker track explores some of the most effective ministry practices for cultivating faith in 18-29 year olds with a particular emphasis on collegiate ministry and young adult spirituality. From theory to practice, we’ll will look at the unique challenges of post-high school ministry and send you home equipped with proven ideas for reaching this generation.

Leader: Jason Brian Santos

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Youth Worker Training at the Triennium 2016

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